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Clark-McClure Scholarship
For Females residing in Bladen County
Established 2018
Administered by

Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church Women

                                            The recipients of the Clark-McClure Scholarship for 2024 - 25

Grace Anna Glenn ~ ECU School of Dentistry

Hailey Hudson ~ UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law

Mary Gracyn Martin ~ ECU

Carlie Keighton West ~ North Carolina State University

Ashlyn Futrell ~ Pitt Community College 

Hannah Elizabeth Cole ~ Coastal Carolina University(out of state)

Catherine Dowless ~ Methodist University

Heather Hardin ~ UNC-Pembroke

Anna Grey Heustess ~ North Carolina State University

Merritt Martin ~ North Carolina State University

Kenia Jailine Medina-Leal ~ East Carolina University

Alexus Mitchell ~ East Carolina University

Karli Priest ~ East Carolina University

Jayden Mackenzie Willington ~ University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Megan Pait ~ Bladen Community College AA

Madison Todd ~ Robeson Community College

Reese Hester ~ North Carolina State University

Dyiamon Robinson ~ Howard University

Emily Scott ~ East Carolina University

Ms. Amy Clark wished to help the ladies of Bladen County further their education, enhance their lives, and enrich the lives of others. She generously funded the Clark-McClure scholarship honoring her mother, Ernestine, and dear friend, Cynthia McClure.
                                          Annual Clark-McClure Scholarship Procedure
   1. January: Scholarship announced and applications available.
   2. March 10th: Scholarship application deadline. Only complete scholarship applications               will be accepted.
   3. March/April: Clark-McClure Scholarship Committee selects the scholarship winners and                  records via the Committee minutes.
   4. May: The Committee sends a letter to each recipient to notify them of their selection on or           before May 15th. The student is responsible for providing a tuition bill or official document           from the university to the church office. This document should include your student ID                 number.
   5. August: The Committee verifies pending enrollment for the fall semester.
   6. August: The Committee directs the distribution of funds directly to the College.
   The Elizabethtown Presbyterian Women are entrusted with the care of this mission. If you are      a female residing in Bladen County and would like to apply, please provide the following.
                                                                    For New Applicants:
     1. Completed application form (Pages 3, 4, and 5)
     2. Student Information Release Form
     3. Tell us about yourself and your plans in a one to three-page essay. We would particularly                like to learn about your character, work ethic, plans/dreams for the future, hobbies,                        activities you are involved in, and how this scholarship could benefit you.
     4. Your most recent school transcript(s). Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
     5. Two letters of recommendation. We would love to hear from a teacher, pastor, neighbor,             or friend who might share why you are a good candidate for this scholarship.
                                                                  For Returning Applicants:
    1. Completed application form (Pages 3, 4, and 5)
    2. Student Information Release Form
    3. Please update us (no longer than one page) on your goals and aspirations. Have you                      changed your major? Have your career goals changed? Are you part of any clubs, or                        organizations? Any positive or challenging experiences while attending college?
    4. Your most recent school transcript(s). Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
     • This tuition-only scholarship is paid directly to the institution of higher learning.
     • If you receive notification that you have been awarded the Clark-McClure Scholarship,
        you must provide a bill or official tuition document, that includes your student ID                number, from the educational institution you plan to attend. This document must be          turned in to the Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church office.
Please return a complete application to:
Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church
Attention Clark-McClure Scholarship
PO Box 576
Elizabethtown NC 28337
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