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Welcome to Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church

Worship with us on Sundays.
Sunday School 10:00
Worship Service 11:00

Mark your calendar for May 5
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Youth Sunday & Lemonade on the Lawn (1).png
Easter Morning
Wednesdays Together
The Easter Egg Hunt with fun and games!! 
Pizza and Easter goodies too!

Our Wednesdays Together is a wonderful time for fellowship. Every week is not this exciting but we are building it into a treasured time to share with our church family. We would love to have you join us. 

Palm Sunday Music

For more clips from the cantata "In Christ Alone" click on Worship, then Music. Thanks for joining us in preparing for Holy Week.

Join us on
Palm Sunday
for our spectacular cantata
"In Christ Alone"!
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Stations of the Cross

Jesus is condemned to death. Look at the man sitting. He is Pontius Pilate. He is the Roman Governor and the most powerful man in Judea. Angry people have told lies about Jesus, and they want Pilate to kill him. Pilate knows Jesus is an innocent man. He knows He should not be killed. But Pilate is afraid. He wants the angry people to like him, to be his friends, or he might lose his job. So he tells them, "Go ahead and kill Jesus."

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Step up close to Jesus. He hurts all over. His head aches. He is thirsty, but in His heart He is not sad like the people. He knows that what He chose to do was the right thing. Now He looks down at the men who nailed Him to the cross and He forgives them. Then He tells Mary to be a mother to all of us and to count us as her children. He keeps thinking of others even when he is dying. 

Jesus is taken down from the cross. Look at Jesus after His body has been taken down from the cross and the blood and dirt washed away. The sharp thorns have been taken off, too. Now He is lying on His mother's lap. She holds Him lovingly. She keeps saying His name over and over. How she loves him! Her heart is broken, but she does not cry or give up. She remembers about waiting three days.


Wednesdays Together Lenten craft this week was prayer jars. We added decorations to the jars. Each jar had sticks where they wrote things to remember to pray for or about. Joy, love, friends, help me be kind....


Thank you

Mrs. Hill

This is the day that the Lord has made!!!

Ann Warner has been a lifelong member and has served in many ways at the Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church. Presently, she plans and prepares for our Wednesdays Together. She makes sure the food is purchased, meals are planned, entrees are cooked and ready, and tables are in place with tablecloths and seasonal arrangements. 

She served on the 2022 Pulpit Search Committee last year with great success. 

Ann takes on the responsibility of making sure there are flowers in the church and seasonal wreaths on the front doors. 

She works diligently with Bladen We Care where she is called the Heart and Soul. For over 30 years she has been the eyes and ears on the ground receiving calls from individuals and agencies who are requesting help for individuals. She presents a recommendation on their behalf to the Bladen We Care Committee.

Ann Warner was given Faithful Saint recognition.